Rejected Newborn Puppy Overcomes Disability to Become Cherished Companion


When faced with adversity, respond with joy! This is the lesson taught by Flipflop, a tiny puppy with a heartwarming tale of overcoming hardships. Bosley’s Place, a rescue organization in Georgia, shared the story of this little dog who, despite being rejected by his mother at birth due to a deformed leg, fought bravely on his journey to health, resembling a cuddly teddy bear along the way.

An Unforgettable Transformation

Life did not begin easily for Flipflop. Shortly after birth, he was spurned by his mother due to his deformity, leaving him to battle for survival from his earliest days.

But then, his life took a miraculous turn.

The compassionate team at Bosley’s Place stepped in to save this little pup, changing his fate forever.

Once safe within the rescue, Flipflop began to thrive. He quickly adapted to bottle feeding and began to gain weight. Despite his noticeable leg deformity, he was otherwise healthy and had a strong appetite, the Bosley’s Place team noted on Facebook.

The dedicated staff at Bosley’s Place monitored his progress constantly. In just a few weeks, the once-rejected puppy transformed into a lively and joyful dog.

He began to socialize and play with other puppies at the rescue, quickly becoming a beloved figure thanks to his irresistibly charming personality. Flipflop embraced life fully, seemingly forgetting his troubled past.

Yet, his caregivers faced a dilemma regarding his deformed leg—whether to amputate it to prevent potential infections.

As Flipflop matured, the decision became clear.

A veterinarian determined that surgery was unnecessary. Flipflop, a purebred toy poodle, managed well on his own. “He’s getting around just fine, it doesn’t bother him whatsoever and because he’s not a 60+ pound dog, he’s not dragging it and it is not at risk of infection… He gets to keep the leg,” Bosley’s Place announced on Facebook.

Flipflop Finds a Forever Home

The joyous moment came when Flipflop was approved for adoption. Nikki and her family, avid dog enthusiasts, welcomed him into their home.

The staff at Bosley’s Place were thrilled to see their little friend start a new chapter. Knowing he was with Nikki brought them great comfort.

But the story didn’t end there. Nikki’s family also opened their home to two other special-needs dogs from the rescue, Griff and Henry, now called Hank.

“Butters, formerly known as Flipflop, now has a truly amazing family… They didn’t just adopt him but also welcomed Griff and Hank into their lives,”

Bosley’s Place shared in an update.

Now named Butters, the puppy couldn’t be happier with his new family and canine siblings. After a challenging start, he now lives in a loving home where every day is a new adventure, filled with love and care.

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