9 Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer Will Ask You


9 Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer Will Ask You A good car accident lawyer can make a big difference when you are in a car accident. Hiring an attorney will ensure proper agreements, smooth proceedings, and due process. If you can’t answer these questions, your car accident attorney will struggle to prepare.


9 Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer Will Ask You

When did the accident happen?

It’s pretty clear when the accident happened, but you’d be surprised how many customers can’t tell you exactly what happened. Before you contact a car accident attorney, you should be prepared to answer this question accurately. If it’s late at night, it could be the other driver’s fault, or it could be yours. In your case knowing the date and time is important.

How exactly did the accident occur?

When answering this question, you should provide as much detail as possible. If necessary, request reconstruction of a traffic accident. While this may seem unnecessary to some, a car accident lawyer can have a complete picture of what happened and how it happened.

How exactly did the accident occur?

Do you have a police report? The report should be filed with the police a few days after the accident occurred and the report was filed. Some police charge a fee to obtain an accident report, which can be important evidence for a traffic accident attorney.

Was the other driver responsible?

Admitting fault can benefit your case, especially if it goes on the police record. Pledging guilt means that the other driver was responsible for the collision. In certain states, simply saying “I’m sorry” is considered an admission of guilt. Lawyers who specialize in traffic accidents will be better informed if you always tell them what the driver said.

Do you have a comprehensive list of property damages?

If the vehicle has been fully written off, please bring documentation from your insurance company showing the total cash value of the vehicle. You can also sue for property damage caused to your vehicle in an accident. Make a list of property damage and loss before you drive.

How exactly did the accident occur?

Have you seen a doctor? where?

Some people go straight to the hospital after a car accident. It’s important to know where you’ve been and what services you’ve used. This includes her X-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic procedures performed before and after the first hospital visit.

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Do you have a complete list of injuries?

Detailed reporting of injuries, even minor ones, is important. If you are in pain immediately after an accident, talk to a traffic accident attorney. It’s important to know everything so that the attorney can calculate the damages. You don’t want knee problems discovered months after treatment.

Do you know the other party’s insurance limit?

Even if the accident was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you may only recover the amount specified by the other party’s insurance limit. When the limit is he $50,000, it becomes very difficult

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