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Ram Naam Jai Shree

Jai Shri Ram (IAST: Jaya Śrī Rāma) is an expression in Indic languages, translating as “Glory to Lord Rama” or “Victory to Lord Rama”. The proclamation has been used by Hindus as an informal greeting, as a symbol of adhering to Hindu faith, or for projection of varied faith-centered emotions.
Chanting Ram mantra continuously can enhance the self-esteem, mental energies and will power of the individual. It can relieve man of all his vices and promote goodness. The ram mantra consists of two words namely Sri and Ram which represent the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ principle or the male and female energies.
Known for his courage, loyalty and devotion, Ram is a symbol of perseverance and justice and a role model of the perfect human being. He is considered the embodiment of righteousness, devotion, and sacrifice. His life is the epitome of values and principles that are revered by millions of people across the world.

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