Kitten Breathing Her Last Breath Miraculously Rescued By A Canine Friend


One day, Erin was walking her dog when she noticed something minuscule lying on the ground. She immediately went to investigate, and what she found brought tears to her eyes.

A kitten, abandoned on the street, seemingly awaiting her final moments. Erin picked up the fragile kitten and brought her home, with little hope that she would survive.

The kitten had numerous evident health issues, giving Erin further reason to doubt her survival. Besides being completely infested with fleas, the kitten was unable to breathe properly or open her eyes. Her belly was extremely bloated, likely due to tapeworms.

Erin and her husband stayed up all night, feeding the kitten and hoping for a miracle. By 7 am, the kitten was still breathing, so they rushed her to the vet.

The kitten was incredibly tiny, and the dosage of antibiotics that could be administered was minimal. Nonetheless, the vet prescribed antibiotics for her lungs and eyes, and also recommended steam treatments to keep her airways open.

Erin had one determination – this kitten had to live! The first few days were incredibly challenging. They took turns caring for the kitten, who could barely eat and was covered in fleas.

Erin’s husband spent hours in a steam-filled bathroom, just so the kitten could breathe a bit easier. Despite their relentless efforts, the kitten still appeared extremely sick and barely alive.

Then, a miracle occurred! They introduced the kitten to their rescue dog, Gatsby. Erin initially feared that Gatsby might accidentally harm the tiny kitten.

Surprisingly, Gatsby knew exactly what to do. He immediately cuddled with the kitten and began licking her head.

A Miraculous Turn of Events

From that moment on, the kitten began to fight for her life! Her parents believe that Gatsby’s warmth and cuddles gave the kitten the strength she needed.

With her newfound determination, they finally named her Minerva. Every morning, Gatsby would visit Minerva, and she would crawl out from her blankets to boop his nose.

The antibiotics and steam treatments eventually paid off. Minerva started breathing normally, and her little brown eyes fully opened!

A Heartwarming Bond

From that day forward, Minerva and Gatsby became inseparable. They played for hours, filling each other’s days with joy. Gatsby chased her around the house until they were both utterly exhausted.

Then, they would cuddle up and fall asleep together. Gatsby became everything Minerva ever needed, a big brother who protected and cared for her.

A Lifelong Friendship

If it hadn’t been for Gatsby, Minerva might not have found the will to fight. Because of this, I am incredibly grateful Erin decided to introduce the two. Thanks to Erin’s and her husband’s dedication, Minerva now leads a happy, healthy life!

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