“He’s Almost Unrecognizable!” Tom Hanks Changed Dramatically in Just Over a Year


Tom Hanks is a beloved public figure. For many years, he has looked almost the same, but recently he scared fans with his drastically changed appearance. The actor has indeed changed significantly in just one year, and people have started to worry about his health.

The Women’s Cancer Research Fund hosted its prominent annual fundraiser, “An Unforgettable Evening,” at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Among the many celebrities who added their star power to the event were Tom Hanks, 67, and his wife, Rita Wilson, 67, who serve as honorary chairs.

Upon their arrival, the Forrest Gump actor commanded attention before the cameras, accompanied by his wife. He donned an impeccable black ensemble, featuring a crisp white shirt, a striking, black-patterned tie, and coordinating shoes. Wilson stood beside her husband in a vibrant pinkish-red dress, featuring an off-the-shoulder design and a cinched waist.

Hanks showcased a fresh, short haircut, highlighting his salt-and-pepper hair, but what truly caught everyone’s attention was his mustache — a rare and striking look for him.

But many fans were worried about the star and thought that he didn’t look in the best shape. One person wondered, “Is he OK???” Another observed, “Tom looks a little beat up.” Someone else added, “He’s almost unrecognizable…she must be concerned!”

The change in Hanks’ appearance is likely due to natural processes, and the actor does not resort to the help of surgeons and cosmetologists. Instead, he strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and watches his diet. Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are encouraging people to join the Meat Free Monday movement in honor of the organization’s 10-year anniversary. The initiative, launched in 2009, aims to promote the consumption of less meat by following a plant-based diet at least one day a week.

Hanks emphasized the positive impact on the environment and animals. They encouraged people who aren’t vegans or vegetarians to try skipping meat on Mondays as a simple and easy way to contribute. “Doing without meat is good for the planet, and the animals we share it with. It’s nice to do with less meat those who aren’t full-fledged vegans or vegetarians, no meat on Monday, it’s actually a simple and easy thing to do. Let’s do it.”

Additionally, Tom supports his mental health. At the age of 66, he will receive an honorary doctorate from Harvard. Hanks, 66, graced the stage at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he delivered a commencement speech to the graduating students. During the event, the esteemed Ivy League institution bestowed upon the actor an honorary doctorate of arts.

Another actor whose changed appearance has become the center of everyone’s attention is Chris Pine.

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