Forlorn ‘Fishtopher’ Shows How Much Love Changes Everything


A five-year-old marbled tabby named Fishtopher was found as a stray in New Jersey. He was very sweet and easy-going and had probably been someone’s pet once. And certainly, that name must be one of the best cat names ever!

This handsome, marbled tabby cat had struggled as a stray with those big tomcat puffy cheek jowls. Many people really do love how they look, but they are a means of self-defense as they get into fights. Once neutered, though, they will usually get smaller, as if deflating.

But in the shelter, this cat was feeling deflated and probably very worried about what would happen to him next.

A Fishtopher Out of Water

Fishtopher’s sad Petfinder pictures and story from Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center could have easily been overlooked as with most adult cats. He looked so very sad and downtrodden. And he was, as most cats are when their world gets turned upside down and they go to a shelter.

“Fishtopher is not a fish out of water, but he is out of sorts at the shelter. He is very sad and depressed and will only eat when he has company,” stated his now classic adoption profile.

But once his incredibly forlorn picture was shared on social media, he went mega-viral, even appearing in People and The Washington Post. Suddenly, thousands of people wanted to adopt the FIV+ kitty! At the least, everyone wanted to give the lovable “big cheeky boy” the “chin rubs” that he enjoyed.

But it was a couple from Baltimore, Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan, who drove 100 miles and arrived an hour early that got the chance to adopt him.

The power of sharing and social media was evident. As a result, at least seven other cats at the same shelter found homes that day. They were just as wonderful and worthy, although not quite as internet-famous, proving that every cat’s story deserves to be heard.

A Fabulous Transfurmation

Everyone celebrated when he found a loving home. But then things got even better when the power of love made an epic transformation in the kitty’s appearance!

He went from looking repressed to looking pawsitively radiant in just a month. His eyes and ears weren’t drooping anymore. With time, he came fully out of his shell and wasn’t recognizable from his famously sad shelter pictures.

“Suns out, tums out.”

The Happy Ending

Fishtopher’s story is a testament to how much love can change everything. His journey from a sad, depressed stray to a beloved pet is a heartwarming reminder of the difference a caring home can make.

Video by WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore:

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