Pregnant Ginger Cat Rescued, Overcomes Numerous Hurdles, and Now the Whole Family Has Been Adopted Together!


Until the fall of 2020, life had not been kind to a uniquely ginger feline named Lorelei, who had two different stunning eye colors. What we do know of her story began with heartbreak. Thankfully, this sweet pregnant girl was found just days before going into labor!

Had she not been rescued, there would likely be one less female ginger cat in the world, uncommon in itself! Lorelei’s labor and subsequent start at motherhood did not go smoothly in any sense. When she was discovered, she was brought to the Florida foster home of Foster Kitten Mama, Heidi Shoemaker. Heidi prepared her home for the delivery, not knowing when Lorelei’s kittens would arrive. She didn’t have to wait long.

A Critical Moment

“Guys, I think this MAY BE IT!!!!! Lorelei just came to us yesterday but often that’s what makes them go into labor, they are finally safe. Staying with her and rubbing her belly, which seems to be very calming to her!!! I’m super nervous….stay tuned!!!!!! 🐾💗”

But then, only a short time later, everything changed.


In the care of trained professionals, Lorelei gave birth to three kittens. Sadly, one of the kittens was born with a horrific birth defect and did not survive. After the doctor helped stimulate the first kitten out of the birth canal, her labor stalled. She ended up delivering another later, and an X-ray was done to confirm there were no more hiding in her big belly.

“Pretty jittery still from the stress of last night. Lorelei has 2 babies, and the X-ray showed there aren’t any more. She just has a big belly so she was getting food. My heart is broken for the baby that passed. I can’t believe 2 deliveries in a row had babies with birth defects. 😢💔”

Lorelei and her two precious babies have already been back to the vet this morning. She was combo tested and found negative for FIV/FeLV, which is wonderful news. The fecal test was negative, and her eye was checked. The doctor said it might never clear up to normal, but we have some drops to use on it. She’s resting comfortably with her beautiful babies now.

Meet Lorelei’s Adorable Babies

Meet Lorelei’s adorable babies, diluted calico sister Leia and ginger and white tabby, Luke, when their story began. This journey, captured in the cutest photos, is a gift for the rest of the world!

But only a few days after her tumultuous labor, Lorelei’s babies began losing weight, which is VERY serious for neonatal kittens.

“Oh, this is just not getting better. Lorelei seems like something is wrong. So hard not knowing the cat before delivery. But from what little I do know, she really seems to not feel well. I’m super worried about her. Looks like it will already be a 3rd vet trip for her just since Saturday. Definitely never know what you are going to get when taking in stray animals.”

Heidi stuck by their side with a syringe at hand and meds and fluids for Lorelei. Even though the kittens were NOT happy about the milk replacer, it was a week later to the day that she began producing milk again! This meant Heidi didn’t need to be up every 2-3 hours to feed the kittens. Sleep is overrated when you’re a bottle baby foster anyways.

And wouldn’t you know it!? Little Luke had another surprise for them all. At only 4 days of age, not the normal 10-12 days, he began opening his cute little eyes!

Finally, the family’s health seemed to level out, and they could all focus on what was important: enjoying the fluffy fun! Heidi knew that both Luke and Leia were intensely bonded and would need to be adopted together.

Mama Lorelei’s Unwavering Love

Mama Lorelei was a doting and loving mother, always near her miracle babies. Many times, mama cats are left behind once all their kittens are adopted out. But they deserve love more than most.

“She is showing definite signs that she’s been abused by humans. Despite ALL of these things, Lorelei is such a sweetheart!! Quiet, calm, and SUCH a wonderful, doting mother to Luke and Leia. Even after almost 6 weeks, she almost never leaves their side. She’s so unique just being a female ginger, but she also has two different colored eyes.”

When the day finally came for them to be listed for “pre-adoption,” Heidi had her priorities in place.

“Hoping a special family steps up to adopt all 3 together!! Please message me if you have any interest in being that family! 🥰💗🐾🐱 Priority given to someone wanting to keep them all together. Luke and Leia must be adopted together. Message me for an application, if wanting to adopt all 3, you can message me immediately.”

A Happy Ending

On social media, Heidi shared the news about her special ginger mama and family.

“📣🎉📣🎉BIG, HUGE, WONDERFUL, and AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!📣🎉📣🎉📣🎉📣🎉 Our Lorelei, Luke, and Leia have been pre-adopted…TOGETHER!!!!! A woman and her grown daughter heard about them and wanted a female ginger. After a few attempts with potential out-of-state adopters, I was apprehensive and found out they live in Orlando!! Woo hoo!!”

“I asked about adopting all 3, and they said yes!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 One works as a nurse and the other has been trying to find work, so I told her I would ask my amazing followers to help sponsor half of the adoption fees. I know there were a few that messaged me saying they would be willing to help…now’s that time!!! 💓💓💓 Thank you everyone for your prayers, and thank you in advance for helping out this sweet, sweet family!!!!! Wooooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Triple adoption!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉”

This family wouldn’t have gotten to experience this love and joy without the opportunity to be in foster care. And there are thousands of “Lorelei’s” on the streets that could all use a helping hand.

For Heidi, her foster door is ALWAYS rotating. With the successes and positivity on her social media, I’m sure there will be many more amazing stories for us to witness!

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