How A Stray Cat Chased Down A Woman And Secured Herself A Forever Home


The Mysterious Ways of the Cat Distribution System

The well-known cat distribution system works in mysterious ways. How these precious strays choose us will forever fascinate me.

Charlie’s Sanctuary: A Heart Open to Strays

When Charlie opened a small animal sanctuary in her local community, she also opened her heart to many stray cats in her area. She would visit all her strays daily, ensuring they remained healthy and their tummies were full. However, one ginger cat had a hidden agenda.

Annie’s Ingenious Plan

Figuring out that Charlie is a loving human, a ginger cat named Annie decided she had enough of street life. Therefore, Annie waited for the purr-fect moment to continue with her plan.

Charlie herself was surprised by how well-behaved Annie was, as she recalls:

“When I first met Annie, she was one of the friendliest strays I think I’ve ever found.”

The Chase

Specifically, Annie waited for Charlie to finish her visit to the area. Once Charlie made sure all the strays were happy, she jumped in her car ready to go home. Only this time, she wasn’t going alone.

Annie, the ginger plotter, started chasing Charlie’s car as fast as her little paws allowed her to. Facing such a chase for the first time, Charlie said:

“I have actually never had a stray follow me or my car anywhere!”

A New Home

Without a second thought, Charlie knew she needed to take Annie home to her sanctuary. Annie was welcomed and comforted on the first night by Charlie’s pittie named Cali, which she fondly remembered in one of her Instagram posts:

“Cali was the first to comfort Annie on her first night here and Annie certainly never forgot.”

Nannie Annie: The Surrogate Mom

Once Annie settled down in the sanctuary, Charlie noticed that this former stray had a useful “talent.” Since Charlie’s sanctuary also took care of kittens without a mom, preparing them for future adoption, Annie quickly decided to assist Charlie with all the hard work.

She started grooming the little kittens and soon acquired a new nickname from the volunteers: Nannie Annie. She took on the role of a surrogate mom to three kittens: Dolores, Mumu, and Remi.

However, the most useful talent our little Nannie Annie had was to alert Charlie when the kittens were hungry. She would pick them up by the neck and bring them in front of Charlie.

Having such instincts as a surrogate mother was extraordinary. As Charlie claimed:

“She’s just got such incredible motherly instincts. She does not leave their side. Annie is not producing milk but the kittens are always stretched out on her anyway.”

A Taste of Freedom

After Dolores, Mumu, and Remi grew up, Charlie thought that Annie would help her raise more kittens. Despite her remarkable talent, Annie missed her freedom. So she resigned her position at the sanctuary as a surrogate mom and decided it was time for new adventures.

During summer, she started roaming the neighborhood and enjoyed the nice weather in their area. Then again, once winter came, Annie knew where to go. As Charlie said:

“In the winter she chooses to come and snuggle in my bed with me and I do not mind having her for half the year!”

The Smartness of Our Furry Companions

We all know just how smart our little fur companions are, but Annie sure did surprise us. Furthermore, maybe the cat distribution system will strike you the same way and you get to experience your own paw-chase down!

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